Vibration Monitoring & Assessment

Construction and demolition can lead to concern about adjacent building damage or complaints of perceptible vibration. You already have enough to worry about when planning your project, why worry about this as well?


vibration monitoring

Construction or demolition in an urban environment can frequently lead to concerns over building damage or complaints of perceptible vibration. These, in turn, can lead to significant and costly delays to your projects.

Our in-house vibration and acoustic consultants offer and end-to-end vibration mitigation service from remote monitoring right through to assessment, reporting and stakeholder liaison.

Vibration monitoring

By integrating industrial-spec vibration sensors into our unique Monitoring Data Portal, City Surveys’ vibration monitoring department can assess both vibration frequency and amplitude across a variety of engineering projects.

Potential applications for vibration monitoring range from assessing the levels of vibration harmful to humans (VDV) to monitoring the effects of demolition or piling upon surrounding structures (PPV).

The ability of a structure, both historic and contemporary, is becoming increasingly prevalent in the minds of developers, property owners and contractors alike and the monitoring of such vibration is carried out for a variety of purposes. Be it problem recognition or control monitoring, City Surveys’ vibration monitoring specialists are ideally placed to help.

Vibration monitoring equipment

All sensors and vibration monitoring equipment are fully calibrated to the above standard, are IP-rated and therefore fully weather resistant, ensuring a faultless and reliable service for our clients.

Our fleet of vibration monitoring equipment comes from a variety of highly reputable sources ranging from Campbell Scientific (providing what are arguably the World’s best dataloggers), Mantracourt Electronics who provide a large proportion of our telecommunication equipment, Instantel, Vibrock and numerous sensor manufacturers as well.

Vibration monitoring personnel

Not simply satisfied with using top quality equipment, we also insist on top quality people to back it up. Unlike many monitoring firms, we have our own, in-house Vibration and Acoustic Consultant. With nearly 20 years of experience working for some of the largest vibration and acoustic consulting firms in the UK, our lead consultant is ideally placed to draw up complex vibration monitoring plans, to assess structures for their vulnerability to vibration and to recommend best practice in terms of monitoring of the structures in question.

For more information on City Surveys’ vibration monitoring services please contact our Liverpool Head Office on 0330 024 4988 or send a message through our contact page.

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Vibration assessment

In combination with our remote vibration monitoring services, The City Surveys Group delivers advice and assistance on vibration limits/effects in advance of works, provide real-time enforcement and safety advice based on measurement data during operations, undertake liaison with regulators and other stakeholders and provide post measurement assessment and reporting of data recorded. All advice makes appropriate references to current standards, guidance and industry best practice.

These services include advice and assistance on vibration limits and effects in advance of works, providing real time enforcement and safety advice based on measurement data during operations, undertaking liaison with regulators and other stakeholders and providing post measurement assessment and reporting of data recorded. All of our advice makes appropriate reference to current Standards, guidance and industry best practice.

Vibration assessment is frequently required for a variety of reasons. According to the relevant British Standard, “Such diverse purposes call for a variety of measuring systems, ranging from simple to sophisticated, deployed in different types of investigations. Technical guidance is needed by many interested parties on the most appropriate ways of measuring, characterising and evaluating those vibrations that affect structures. This applies to both existing structures, which may be subjected to different types of excitation, and new structures erected in an environment where sources of excitation may be significant.” (BS ISO 4866:2010 Mechanical Vibration & Shock – Vibration of fixed structures – Guidelines for the measurement of vibration and evaluation of their effects on structures).

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