Underground Services Search

Are you aware that absolutely any construction or engineering firm wishing to dig must, by law (HSE regulations), have sufficient information on any buried services likely to be in the area before they break ground?


underground services search

With the majority of new developments taking place on existing brownfield sites, the presence of buried services is quickly becoming a likelihood rather than just a faint possibility.

Whilst The City Surveys Group provides a utilities mapping service that uses electromagnetic and radar equipment to find buried utilities, we also offer a comprehensive underground services search (or statutory undertakers search) that sources the relevant information and services plans from all known utility providers operating in the area.

Whilst any individual or organisation can obtain these statutory undertakers plans themselves, to the inexperienced this can turn into a truly laborious and time-consuming process. Our dedicated services search team takes all the hassle out of the equation and, for a highly competitive fee, performs an in-depth desk study contacting the owners of all known buried services in the area.

Our underground services search / statutory undertakers searches include…

  • Gas (obtaining buried services plans from firms such as National Grid)
  • Electricity (obtaining statutory undertakers drawings from organisations such as Scottish Power)
  • Water (providing utility plans from firms like Thames Water or United Utilities)
  • Telecoms (hunting out buried services plans from BT and any competitors)
  • Sewers (procuring statutory undertakers plans from the UK’s waste water operators)
  • Cable (from broadband, phone and TV suppliers like Virgin Media)

Utilities search clients can opt to receive their statutory undertakers information either by email or as a pack of hard copy drawings. They can choose our express service whereby each utility plan is emailed over as soon as it arrives (rather than waiting until all plans are in) and can even opt to have all plans plotted onto a single CAD drawing.

Buried services plans are an absolute must when breaking the ground on a brownfield site or when developing feasibility studies or designs in built up areas. Whilst these plans are frequently not as precise as we all would like (services may be offset ever so slightly, for example) they do tell you exactly which services you should expect to see on or near your site. Put simply, an underground services search is an important step in the construction process but should never take the place of a true utilities mapping survey.

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