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Published: 9th September 2016

This Article was Written by: Richard Furlong - City Surveys Group


Scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2017, the construction of the new Mersey Gateway project has taken another major step towards completion. Installation of the bridge deck has now begun with construction of this stage expected to be complete by Summer 2017.

Six enormous bridge-building machines are being employed on this five hundred million pound project; two of them (each weighing an incredible two hundred and seventy tonnes) have already been pressed into service in order to facilitate the construction of the deck.

Aims of the Mersey Gateway project

  • Enhance public and private transport links over the River Mersey for the benefit of local individuals and businesses
  • Reduce congestion upon and maintenance of the Silver Jubilee Bridge (known locally simply as the Runcorn Bridge) by splitting traffic between the two crossings
  • Keep tolls to a minimum in order to keep crossings affordable for local residents and businesses
  • Enhance accessibility in order to encourage additional development within the area
  • Improve air quality, thereby improving health and quality of live in the area
  • Actively encourage both walking and cycling as a form of exercise leading to health benefits and a reduced impact upon local health resources
  • Future proof the local area’s transport infrastructure

Our thoughts

A nationally-operating but Liverpool-based company, the construction of a second (and much more modern) bridge over the River Mersey is of great interest to City Surveys. With our Head Office based at the South end of the city, we’re strategically positioned to make the most out of easy access to the M56, M62 as well as fantastic air and rail links.

For many years the ageing Silver Jubilee Bridge has been unable to cope with an ever-increasing volume of traffic. The impact upon both locals and those trying to visit the city on business has been significant during this time. The addition of a second crossing, albeit one subject to a toll (both bridges will see the same charge imposed), will inevitably have a major impact upon traffic levels, dramatically reducing congestion.

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